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Project Name :       Prinsiri house renovation

Architect :               S+S Architects                       

Completion Year :  2022

Built Area :              320 sq.m.                                

Project Location :   Bangkok , Thailand

Photographer :       Mr. Sukrit Sornhiran

House of Linking

Prinsiri Residence Renovation Project was founded by the owners’ requirement to combine their house to a house they bought next door. The additional functions are a children’s playroom, an extension of the existing living room, a swimming pool, a semi outdoor recreation area, a fish pond, landscape surrounding the house, and additional parking spaces.


Since the house is located at the three-way intersection and next to the street with an electric pole between the two houses, on the positive side, that gives the house good visual perception and gives more view to the open space relative to the other house. On the negative side, it comes with a feeling of oncoming vehicles and oncoming cars’ headlights in the night time. 


Therefore, the architect designs the facade mainly with artificial wood battens to create privacy and conceal the electric pole between the two houses and at the same time, reducing the “crashing” feeling from the street to the house. The idea is to try not to make the house too closed to let wind and natural light come through.


The space between the two houses is emphasized on “linking” as the main design concept by linking in terms of circulation, visualization, and dwellers’ activities. That is why the swimming pool is placed between the two houses, in between the existing living room and the new children’s playroom. The closed wall is replaced with a glass wall to open up to the view of the swimming pool and to the other side of it. 


On the other hand, a semi outdoor area around the swimming pool and the house is designed to be a deck for recreational purposes with a recreational green space and a fish pond. When looking up to the upper level, we’ll see a bridge linking the two houses from the parents’ bedroom of the first house to the daughter’s bedroom of the opposite house. The bridge is on top of the swimming pool and the deck with the existing trees protruding from the deck creating the smooth linkage of spaces vertically and horizontally.

Writer : T. Rakarom

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