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22 H

Project Name :       22 H

Architect :               S+S Architects
Interior design :     S+S Architects                          

Completion Year :  2023

Built Area :              280 sq.m.                                

Project Location :   Bangkok , Thailand

Photographer :       Pornpanit Intapat

The project "House No. 22" involves the homes of two artists, a husband and wife. The houses are compact in size, emphasizing functional utility and giving importance to beautiful, artistic spaces. The design concept for the houses is simplistic, resembling a blank canvas ready to accommodate art generated from the design's elements within the home. These elements include elements such as staircases and terraces adorned with bricks, designed to facilitate the creation of art.
The unique aspect of the land used for constructing these homes is its location on the western side of the land, adjoining a small public garden within the community. Several large trees are present on the site. The architect proposed a design that maximizes the potential of this feature.
The design prioritizes opening up the houses' views toward this public garden to the greatest extent possible and striking a balance with the sunlight. Since this side of the houses receives the most sunlight, it becomes the warmest part. Consequently, the planning avoids placing various rooms and functions in this area. Instead, the positioning of bathrooms, staircases, and corridors is allocated here, allowing for views of the garden while traversing these spaces.
As both homeowners have an affinity for art, the architect proposed a design of the staircase to resemble an "art object." Placed adjacent to the public garden, it acts as a backdrop for artistic expression. The staircase's design incorporates elements that play with the light and shadow cast by the sun throughout the day, creating an evolving play of light and shadow on the floor and walls of the house.
The houses emphasize simplicity, embodying a sense of personal space, and take into account the various activities that will take place within. The ground floor is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for various uses through the central terrace and sliding glass windows. This space can be transformed from a dining area to a lounge seamlessly. The homeowners can use each space separately or merge them.
Upon completion, the architecture of the building reflects the notion of architecture as "ART OBJECTS," excelling in its design. Above all, the homeowners can inhabit the houses joyfully with ample and inspiring spaces.

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