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3 H

Project Name :       3 H

Architect :               S+S Architects
Completion Year :  2023

Built Area :              900 sq.m.                                

Project Location :   Bangkok , Thailand

Photographer :       Mr. Sitthisak Namkham

The "3H" House Project originates from the homes of three siblings, totaling three separate units, each with a construction area of 300 square meters. These new houses are built on the family's original land.

Driven by the father's intention to divide the land titles and create homes for all three children, the initial family plan was to divide the land into three equal plots, all accessed from the same side of the road. The houses were originally designed as a row of townhomes. However, upon site inspection by the architect, it was discovered that the site had unique characteristics, being bordered by roads on three sides. As a result, a new idea was proposed to the family.

The new plan involved separating the three houses from each other, with each house having its own entrance and exit. The houses were arranged in a way that they faced away from each other, creating a shared open space in the center. This open space, designed as a small sunken garden and seating area, utilized the setback areas required by law, resulting in a spacious common area.

The design created a central courtyard space, with all three houses surrounding and enclosing the common area. Solid walls of each house provided privacy and reduced noise and dust from the surrounding roads, resulting in a tranquil and private environment.

The arrangement of functions within each house emphasized placing non-view-dependent areas such as stairs, bathrooms, and hallways on the outer sides of the houses. This allowed the courtyard to remain open and unobstructed. Large windows were incorporated on the sides facing the courtyard, enabling a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The three siblings could freely interact within the shared central area, engaging in family activities like parties and exercises. Additionally, the unoccupied house at any given time could serve as a watchful eye, enhancing overall security for the entire compound.

The design process, starting from the master plan, functional layout of each house, and the allocation of spaces between houses, ultimately led to the creation of a unique courtyard space that fostered strong relationships among the siblings and their family.

By utilizing setback areas that were typically unused, the project maximized the potential of the available space. The result was a group of buildings that appeared to be a single large house, approximately 900 square meters in size, standing prominently in the midst of the land.

The architectural design, as described, successfully fostered better family relationships through the thoughtful use of space. Each family member enjoyed their own living quarters while benefiting from a shared central area, contributing to a harmonious and joyful living environment.

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