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Project Name :       Chuan Chuen House renovation

Architect :               S+S Architects
Interior design :     Golf  Kris                         

Completion Year :  2023                               

Project Location :   Bangkok , Thailand

Photographer :       Pornpanit Intapat

1. Glass House for hanging out in the garden by maximizing the open of the windows next to the garden and swimming pool to create a connection with the swimming pool area, veranda, and exterior garden. The glass roof creates the feeling of living among nature with another layer of electrical roof curtain which can be opened and closed during the sunny time of the day.  

2. The one and a half floor guest bedroom. At the bottom is a sitting area connecting to the surrounding wooden veranda next to the water. The upper part is a sleeping quarter. The house has been renovated twice by the owner and the third time by S+S Architects.

The original building is a one story multi-purpose building with a hip roof. Then, the owner renovated it into a music studio by replacing the roof with a veranda. After a leaking problem and needing to change the function, the owner did the second renovation into a two story building. However, the owner ran into a bad construction process. Therefore, the second story was demolished for safety reasons. Hence, the third renovation. S+S Architects went with the idea of the original one story building to prevent exceeding weight load with the extended height. Creating the mezzanine with the light-weighted structure as a sleeping quarter. In terms of viewing, the architects suggested an open space with a view of the village’s large lake as it is the best scene of the house. However, it is also the sunniest side of the house. Therefore, aluminum shading panels are used to filter out the heat before reaching the building. The designing work is well put not only by the S+S Architects’s work but also Golf Kris’s interior design and the owner’s landscape composition.

Writer: T. Rakarom

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