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Project Name :       L35 House  (Renovation)
Architect :               S+S Architects
Completion Year :  2020
Built Area :              375 sq.m.
Project Location :   Bangkok , Thailand
Photographer :       Mr. Sitthisak Namkham

This house has a long history, it started with single-storey house of their parents which was built in the mid-1960s. The first expansion occurred almost 30 years ago to accommodate the growing family. At that time, the three-storey building was built adjacently to the old house to expand the floor plates and increase the area to fit every members’ needs.

When the client contacted us, they think that after 30 years, it is the time to rethink about the whole structure again. It requires some upgrade since it does not fit their needs anymore and they would want to see how the existing envelope and structure can possibly and potentially offer them from the design point of view.

The existing of this project was two houses with different height, age and style attached to each other without any relationship in terms of space, character and functionality. Our main idea were to create spaces that suit clients requirements where every generation in this residence can enjoy their time as a family, enhance the functionality in every aspects, reflect the client’s love of traveling and connect seamlessly between the two different generations houses.

Our design addresses the main issues that the existing possesses such as functionality issues, not enough natural light, no green area and etc. We find a way to add more green area both inside and outside, bring in natural light and focuses on privacy of the members. We also introduce the open concept to make it more spacious and create connection which link the two generation house coherently.



Writer : Sowat W.

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