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Project Name :       AQGD japanese restaurant renovation

Architect :               S+S Architects
Interior design :     Golf Kris                          

Completion Year :  2021

Built Area :              620 sq.m.                                

Project Location :   Bangkok , Thailand

Photographer :       S+S Architects


Originate with a two-story 30-year-old house surrounded by a mini forest on 250 square meters of land. Over time its residence area has become an area of economic function, so have the users and that was where the initiate of this renovation project has risen. This project is a joint design of S+S Architects in architectural design and Golf Kris in interior design, and other teams that work together in landscape design, lighting design, structural engineering - system work, building contractor, besides the project owners who are involved in the design.

The requirement that S+S Architects was given in the design was a renovation of the house into a contemporary Japanese restaurant that emphasizes the vibes of Japanese culture.

The concept of architectural design proposed to maintain the perception of an original "house in the garden" as much as possible. We add an impression of a Japanese restaurant with the artificial wood facade with characteristic pattern to the building to give a touch of a contemporary Japanese restaurant. And we also scheme this building to be a decorative piece of the garden, being a "Pavilion" in a garden during day time, and at night, the lightings that are hidden in the facade reveal the building's identity, as a "Japanese lantern" in the garden.

Another important design idea is the order of senses of accessibility to the building. Since the restaurant is located in the middle of the busy part of the town, therefore, an entrance "Pavillion" is intentionally added to calm and relax customers' mood before entering the indoor area.

This Pavillion is adjusted from the one-story shed in the front area of the original building which was constructed with a concrete roof without walls. A wooden slat wall enclosed on all sides of the semi-enclosed space Pavillion is introduced to make a disconnect from the outside to incline the customers’ mood before entering the restaurant and meet the considerable garden inside.

In other parts of the design, along with the new restaurant functions that are the primary purpose of the project, We focus on the functional relationship between the new function and the original garden of the house as long as the redecorated garden to preserve the memorable vibes of the home in the garden.

Writer : Chutatip Promgul

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